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"Who Else Wants To Make Five-Figure Cash Profits Every Single Month Selling Info-Products Online?"

From: Louis Allport

Dear Internet Friend,

Are you selling info-products online and want to make even more money?
Well, here's how you can, starting right now. Let me introduce you to Alex Mandossian:

  • Alex Mandossian is considered one of the top-ten freelance direct marketers in America today and owns one of the largest marketing libraries ever assembled ... with over 1,800 rare books and volumes dating back to the 1800's!

  • During the past 12 years, Alex has helped his clients generate over $183 million in sales from TV spots, infomercials, QVC and Home Shopping Network, national retail catalogs, space ads in Parade Magazine and USA Weekend, direct mail, web marketing, and postcards.

"Alex Mandossian makes things happen - fast!"

"I was first introduced to him on a Monday afternoon and by Thursday morning one of his marketing ideas put an extra $12,500 into my bank account.

This guy has an amazing marketing mind ... if you're smart, you'll put him to work for you too."

- Mark Joyner
The 'Tiger Woods of Internet Marketing' and CEO of

I'm betting you've not heard of Alex Mandossian before. Alex isn't really that well-known on the internet.

And the reason's simple: he spends most of his time consulting with clients, to help them make even more money in their businesses. He's not one of those people seeking internet fame.

Alex Reveals His $10,000-A-Month Secrets

I had the very good fortune to speak with Alex at length earlier this year about exactly how he put together, runs, and markets his website.

From this website, he sells one info-product (it's not cheap either). Yet this simple, straight-forward site has consistently pulled in at least $10,000 in profits every single month ... since April of 2001!

And what I've done for you is recorded and transcribed every single word Alex said. Every one of his marketing secrets, strategies, tips 'n' tricks ... he's allowed me to make them all available to you.

In this exclusive, 78 minute, no-holds-barred marketing interview, Alex reveals...

  • How you can duplicate his proven online marketing system that brings in sales of at least $1,000 a day! Mostly on auto-pilot.

  • How to boost your web site's sales by following up on your visitors every single day until they buy -- without spamming! (discover Alex's secret technique that hardly anyone is using)

  • How to easily bring in a flood of sales using simple postcards -- this is Alex's specialty ... and he tells you exactly how his orders come in thick and fast straight after he sends out dirt-cheap postcards. (And he tells the story of how one postcard campaign was so successful ... even the mailman replied to it!)

  • How to make one simple change to your order form that can boost your profits in minutes (right now -- well over 90% of online sellers aren't doing this -- you'll have an immediate advantage over them!)

  • Discover a quick and easy way to get your website visitors to really want to buy from you. It's so easy to use, you'll kick yourself for not doing this already!

  • How to turn one-time customers into delighted lifetime customers ... these are your guaranteed pension fund!

  • The proven way to avoid months of wasted work, and thousands of wasted dollars -- how to easily avoid putting money and effort into dead duck info-products!

  • Do you know which questions you should be asking your customers to bring in the maximum revenue from every single product you sell? If you don't, you're throwing away wads and wads of cash!

  • Do you suffer from poor email click-through rates? Alex reveals his simple technique that boosted email response for a client by 328% within 9 days! Apply it to your own business, and leave your competitors in the dust!

Start Boosting Your Online Profits Today!

Stop pounding your head against a wall trying to decide exactly what to say in your web copy ... exactly how you should structure your guarantee for best results ... exactly what you should do to make your headline more powerful ...

Make life easy for yourself ... listen to Alex. Soak up every single marketing nugget he reveals. Apply them to your business. And then cash the checks with a big smile on your face!

At an absolute bare bones minimum you're getting $330 worth of consultancy (Alex's usual rate is $250 an hour). But even better: you can read, listen, and review the transcript and audio whenever you like!

And I'm offering you everything for just $15.95. This price may not last, so place your order today.

Special Bonus If You Order Right Now

Free Resale Rights - You Keep 100% of The Money!

This is better than any affiliate program that pays you 25% or even 60%! As soon as you get your hands on this product, you can sell it yourself, and keep every single cent you make!

All it takes is one sale, and you've made your purchase back! Everything after that is pure profit, straight into your bank account.

And you get everything you see here: the professionally written and designed web site and sales letter, so you really don't have to do anything ... just upload the files to your website, and start making money!

Your Purchase Is 100% Guaranteed

If for any reason at all, at any time at all, you would like your purchase refunded, no problem at all. I want you to be a happy customer.

If you're not happy with this product for any reason at all, just drop me a line (my full details are at the bottom of this letter) and I'll return every single cent of your money within one working day. That's more than a guarantee ... it's a personal promise from me to you.

Get your copy of "Alex Mandossian's Secrets" with full resale rights today ... place your order and you'll have full access within seconds...

Order Securely with Paypal

Invest in Your Future

100% Money Back Guarantee

Louis Allport

P.S. Remember, you get all this for just $15.95 ...

  • The full transcript of my exclusive 78-minute marketing interview with top-ten US marketing consultant Alex Mandossian, who reveals exactly how he makes at least $10,000 in profits, every single month, selling just one info-product from his website!

  • You also get 50 minutes of audio highlights that you can download and listen to whenever you want.

  • You also get full resale rights to everything here, so you can start profiting immediately!

Remember: Mark Joyner, the "Tiger Woods Of Internet Marketing" says this about Alex Mandossian:

"Alex Mandossian makes things happen - fast! I was first introduced to him on a Monday afternoon and by Thursday morning one of his marketing ideas put an extra $12,500 into my bank account. This guy has an amazing marketing mind ... if you're smart, you'll put him to work for you too."

Start profiting with Alex's secrets right now ...

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